Frequently Asked Questions

When am I charged for my order?

Because all our items are built to order you will be charged immediately upon placing the order after successfully checking out. This will hold your place in line, and allow us to order all the parts that will ultimately become your Upper Receiver or Complete Firearm, depending on what you purchased.

How long does it take to build?

Before we build any firearm we have to contact the FFL you provided and get some paperwork done for the transfer. Once that's taken care of it is typically 4-6 weeks to build. This includes time to place orders for parts with our vendors and receive them. Should a part not be available immediately, or take a long time to acquire, we will notify you via email or phone.

Upper receivers do not require any FFL and we will being their build process immediately upon receiving your order. The timeline remains the same.

What states can purchase?

You're allowed to place an order on our website from any state. We will, however, cancel any Upper Receiver orders that have a shipping address in an AWB state (New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut). Firearm orders that are made to an AWB state will also be canceled unless you specify an out of state FFL that will do the work required to make a firearm AWB compliant. LSRS and LPS orders will be canceled immediately if being shipped to California. LRS orders shipping to California must have a CA compliance option checked prior to checkout or those orders will be canceled.

How do I know if my state has restrictions?

You should always be aware of your state's, and your local, gun laws before making a purchase. Check for laws in your state.

How do you make sure I am the right age for the purchase?

The only products that are age restricted are LSRS (NFA items) and LPS (AR Pistols) where the minimum age requirement is 21. LRS models require you to be age 18 at a minimum, unless you live in Florida. You must be 21 for any firearm purchase in Florida. We do not check your credentials. The FFL we ship the firearm to will. To avoid unnecessary issues always make sure you know your local and state laws before purchasing.

I didn't follow my state or local laws, or am unable to complete the transfer at my FFL. What do I do?

You can always come to an agreement with the FFL you are making the transfer at to find a new buyer. If you do not want to do that you can contact us, and have your FFL contact us to arrange the firearm's return. This will incur a 30% restocking fee.

The firearm arrived at my FFL but has incorrect parts, is damaged, or has visual defects.

We try our best to make sure no visual defects appear on any firearms we send out. We also try to package the firearm in the best possible way to ensure no damage occurs during shipping. We cannot control that after it leaves our doors. If you inspect your firearm at your FFL before transferring it you, may send it back and we will fix the issues you mention. This includes incorrect or damaged parts, and visually defective parts as you find them. There is no restocking fee for any mistake made on our part.

This also applies to any Upper Receivers you purchase. If something is wrong send it back and we will do our best to take care of it.

What is your restocking fee?

The restocking fee is a fee we place on items returned to us due to your mistake. The most common of these is you cannot complete the firearm transfer due to a failed NICS background check, or you are not the minimum age required to complete the purchase. Always ensure you have the ability to complete the firearm transfer before purchasing.

My FFL is charging me to complete the transfer!

FFLs and gun stores need to make money, and one way they do this is to charge a transfer fee. Because we don't operate a store in every city, town, or state we rely on local gun stores (FFLs) to complete the transfer of the firearm to you. They will take a fee for this. In some locations you may also be charged local tax as part of the transfer.

It is usually best to go to the FFL you are planning on using and ask them how much they charge, whether you have to pay local tax for the transfer, how it all works, and ensure you're the right age for completing the transfer. The more information you have prior to purchasing the less likely there will be a headache or worry after purchasing.

Do you test firearms and uppers prior to shipping?

After we build a product we go out and test fire it. All our built uppers are attached to a lower and fired. All complete firearms are fired after completion. We clean each product after firing. When you inspect your product out of the box please keep in mind that it has been test fired to ensure it works properly.

I don't want my product anymore after receiving or owning for some time.

Please see our returns policy.

Can the firearm I purchased be shipped to my home instead of an FFL?

Unless you are running your own FFL from your home we cannot ship any firearm to your home. It must be sent to a verifiable FFL dealer for the transfer to be completed.

When do I specify the FFL I want you to send my firearm to?

You must have an FFL added to your account prior to checking out. If you do not you'll be required to add an FFL at checkout. Once you add an FFL it will be linked to your account and can be used again in future purchases.

What if I order multiple products, firearms and uppers in the same order?

If you order multiple items we'll combine them into as few packages as possible. If you order uppers and firearms in the same order the uppers will ship to your home, whereas the firearms will ship to the FFL you specified.

I am having problems completing an order through the website.

If you're having issues with the website please contact us and we can place an order for you from our end.

Why can't I add an LSRS to my cart?

LSRS models are regulated under the NFA (National Firearms Act) and there's a special process to go through before we can send out this item. In addition to requiring an FFL to accept this firearm for transferring to you, that FFL must also have a valid SOT. All of this must be verified and checked before an LSRS order can be placed. Please contact us should you wish to begin the process of purchasing an LSRS.

I am having a problem with my product, what can I do?

While we do use other manufacturers' parts, should you have any issue with your product we are more than happy to take care of them for you to avoid you having to deal with anyone else. We back our products with a lifetime warranty.

Do you charge sales tax?

Arizona state residents will have an 8.6% sales tax added prior to checkout. No other states' sales taxes are added by Lionadi.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free! We ship with Fedex or USPS.

The time my order was placed isn't local to me.

Our website uses Mountain Standard Time (or as we like to say Phoenix or Arizona time). In Arizona we don't have daylight savings time so the time difference, depending on where you are located, will differ depending on the time of year. If you live in the free state of Arizona you won't have this issue.

There's a part, or parts, I want on my build that you don't offer.

We chose some of the best parts out there today, by some of the best manufacturers in our industry, because we wanted to have some of the best out of the box builds you can buy. At the end of the day your taste might be different and that's totally fine. We do have working relationships with the parts manufacturers we have listed on the website so those parts are much easier to come by. One off requests can be done, but your build time might increase depending on the part and manufacturer. Of course if there are more people requesting a certain part then there's a higher chance we will end up adding it permanently to our site in the customization step. In any case feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do for you. We love building ARs, and we want you to have a firearm you're in love with when you get to see it for the first time at your chosen gun store when you pick it up!

Do you have a dealer program?

As of this time we do not have a dealer program. If we receive enough requests we may open up to one.